About Q-files

About Q-files

Q-files is an online library of knowledge specially designed for children. 

The site is the creation of Orpheus Books Limited, a publishing company based in Oxford, England. Established in 1993, Orpheus is one of the world's leading producers of children's non-fiction and reference books. Over the years Orpheus has partnered with some of the world’s largest publishers, including Oxford University Press, Penguin, Reader's Digest, HarperCollins, Langenscheidt, Random House, Barron’s, Gale, Brockhaus, Casterman and many others.

The pages in Q-files have been written by specialist children's writers, working alongside the experienced editorial team at Orpheus. Every page has been submitted to the detailed scrutiny of our team of consultants. Users can therefore be assured of the highest standards of accuracy and reliability. The site is improved, expanded and updated on a daily basis. 

Teachers and parents can find out much more about how Q-files can be used to benefit children's education at school or in the home here.

For information on Key Stages 2 and 3, including links to just some of the many pages that children will find particularly useful for their school work, click on the links below: 

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Our range of ebooks is available for purchase from Browns Books for Students, Mackin and Overdrive. Created from Orpheus's list of award-winning printed titles, they offer you the chance to read and enjoy our books on tablets or computers for a fraction of the price of the original printed editions.

We trust you will find Q-files highly informative and useful for learning, for school homework and projects—or simply for finding out about stuff. We also hope that your experience of using the site will be enjoyable and stimulating. Please recommend us to your friends, colleagues and, of course, all children who are keen to find out as much as they can about the world they live in.

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