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A Kayapo man, a native of the Amazon rainforestA Kayapo man, a native of the Amazon rainforest Modern humans probably evolved in Africa about 300,000 years ago. About 70,000 years ago, they began to move to other parts of the world. By about 15,000 years ago, they had spread to every continent of the world except Antarctica. As people settled in different parts of the world, different ethnic groups emerged. These are large communities of people who have physical characteristics, languages, religions and other traits in common. People developed languages so that they could communicate with each other. Different cultures, including art and religion, soon followed.


800 languages are spoken in New York City.800 languages are spoken in New York City.People have moved around throughout history, because of the opportunities offered by the discovery of new lands, or for better economic prospects. War or natural disasters such as flooding or drought have also led to mass-migrations of people. When groups of people settle in a new country, they often bring their own religions and cultures with them. Some nations, including the United States, are now considered multicultural, with people from different ethnic groups often marrying one another and having children of mixed ethnicity.


There are around 100 “uncontacted tribes” in the world. These traditional peoples, who mostly live in densely forested parts of South America and New Guinea, have had no significant contact with the modern world.

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