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World religions

Statues of the Hindu god Krishna and other deitiesStatues of the Hindu god Krishna and other deities A religion is a collection of beliefs that helps people understand the world and the events that take place in it. Religion usually, but not always, involves the worship of a deity or deities—a god or several gods—who created the world and now oversee it. In religions such as Judaism, Christianity and Islam, people worship one god. In others, such as Hinduism and the Japanese religion Shinto, there are many gods. Buddhists do not believe in a creator god, but focus on overcoming suffering. Most religions have places of worship and priests or scholars who lead worship.

Religions of the world today

Religions of the worldReligions of the worldThere are many different religions in the world. Six of the most widespread are Christianity, Islam, JudaismBuddhism, Hinduism and Sikhism. These religions have now spread far beyond the places where they began and there are followers of them all over the world.

The ancient Egyptian gods Imentet and RaThe ancient Egyptian gods Imentet and Ra

Ancient religions

Hinduism is usually considered to be the oldest living religion, as it has its roots in India about 6000 years ago.

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