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Basketball is a fast-moving game for two teams.Basketball is a fast-moving game for two teams. A sport is a physical activity in which an individual or team takes part for fun or as part of a competition. In some sports, the person who runs fastest or throws furthest is the winner. In others, such as tennis or football, players win by scoring more points or goals. In sports such as diving, gymnastics or ice skating, judges decide who are the best performers. Professional sportspeople compete for their livelihoods on a regular basis. Other people play sports for fun or exercise.

A sumo wrestling bout in JapanA sumo wrestling bout in Japan

Origins of sport

Many of the sports we know today have their origins in ancient history. Some began as religious rituals. Other were tests of strength or endurance. Many of the earliest sports, the "martial arts" such as wrestling, archery and fencing, were based on fighting. Young men had to be trained for battle by practising combat with their hands or with weapons. 


Sport in ancient Egypt

One of the oldest team games may have been polo, a game similar to hockey but played on horseback. It was played in Persia (modern-day Iran) at least 2500 years ago, and is still played today.

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