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Moses sees the Promised Land.Moses sees the Promised Land.When Moses died, God chose Joshua to be his successor. God told Joshua that as long as he lived no one would stand in his way. All the Israelite tribes accepted Joshua as their leader and promised to obey him as they had obeyed Moses. Joshua was to lead the Israelites into Canaan, the land that had been promised to Abraham. To the Israelites it would be known as the Promised Land. But Canaan was already ruled by several kings. To conquer the land, Joshua had to defeat all their armies. Joshua gathered his men together and they prepared to go into battle. Their first goal was to capture Jericho, the mighty fortress city.

Rahab is given a red cord to tie to her window.Rahab is given a red cord to tie to her window.

Rahab and the spies

Joshua sent out spies from the Israelite camp in Shittim to Jericho to explore the area. When they reached the city they stayed in the house of a woman called Rahab. She hid them from Jericho's soldiers because she knew that God was protecting the Israelites. When they left they gave her a red cord to tie to her window. This way she would be saved when they attacked.

The Israelites with their Ark cross the river.The Israelites with their Ark cross the river.

Crossing the Jordan

When the spies returned, they told Joshua that the people of Jericho were afraid of his army. On hearing this, the Israelites began their journey to Jericho. At the River Jordan, Joshua told them to march behind the Ark of the Covenant, a wooden box the Israelites had built to contain the two tablets inscribed with the Ten Commandments. It would lead them safely across the river. As soon as the priests carrying the Ark reached the water, the river dried up. The Israelites crossed safely while the priests stood in the middle of the river. Once everyone had crossed and the carrying the Ark had reached the bank, the river began to flow again.

According to the Bible, the Canaanites were descended from Noah's son Ham, while the Israelites were descended from one of Noah's other sons, Shem. The Canaanite peoples that the Israelites did not defeat, such as the Midianites and the Philistines, remained enemies of the Israelites.

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