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Noah’s ark

Noah warns the people about God’s judgment Noah warns the people about God’s judgment In the years after Adam and Eve were expelled from the Garden of Eden, God saw that men and women had become increasingly wicked. He regretted ever creating them. So God decided to send a great flood and destroy all living things on the Earth. Only one man, Noah, lived a good life, so he would be saved, along with his family. God told Noah to build an ark, a huge wooden boat with many compartments, and stock it with plenty of food. He and his family would live on the ark with one pair—a male and female—of each animal species. When the rains came and flooded the Earth, only they would survive, afloat on the ark.

The flood

The animals enter Noah's arkThe animals enter Noah's arkNoah sends out a doveNoah sends out a doveFor forty days and forty nights, it rained. The flood waters rose until the waters covered even the tops of the highest mountains. All living things were drowned, save Noah and the inhabitants of the ark. Eventually, the rain stopped. Noah sent a raven, and then a dove to find out whether there was any dry land on Earth. Both birds flew back, indicating that everywhere was still flooded. Seven days later, Noah sent the dove out again. When it returned, this time with an olive branch in its beak, Noah knew that it would soon be safe to leave the ark.

According to the Qur’an, Noah’s ark (known in Arabic as Safina Nuh) came to rest on the slopes of Mount Judi, near the modern town of Cizre on the Syrian-Turkish border.

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