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The Philistine general, Sisera, is killed.The Philistine general, Sisera, is killed.After the death of Joshua, Israel was led by a series of Judges. A Judge was a wise official or military leader who became governor of his tribe in peaceful times. Ehud, Gideon, Deborah and Samson were among the Judges. The Israelites' greatest enemies were the Philistines. The Judges ruled until Samuel made Saul King of Israel. When Saul died, David became King of Judah, while Saul’s son, Ishbosheth, ruled Israel to the north. Soon, David became king of the whole land.

God appears to Samuel.God appears to Samuel.

Samuel as a boy

Samuel's mother, Hannah, had prayed to God to give her a son because she was unhappy. When Samuel was born, Hannah took him to Eli and he stayed with the priest in the temple at Jerusalem. When Samuel was about 15, he woke in
the night to hear someone calling his name. He ran to Eli but the priest had not called him. After this had happened several times, the priest understood that it was God calling to Samuel. He told the boy to listen to what God was trying to tell him. So Samuel listened and God made him his prophet.

Anointing with oil was a traditional way of showing that a person was holy or special to God. It was considered a sin to use anointing oil for any other purpose.

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