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The early life of Jesus

Jesus talking to the elders in the templeJesus talking to the elders in the templeAs a boy of about 12 years old, Jesus went with his family to the temple in Jerusalem for the annual Passover celebrations. When the festival was over, Mary and Joseph left to return to Nazareth. But Mary could not find Jesus anywhere. She looked for him everywhere in Jerusalem. Eventually, she found her son talking to the elders in the Temple. She was surprised that, although he was young and training to be a carpenter with Joseph, he had the breadth of knowledge to be able to discuss Jewish law with scholars.

Jesus is baptized.Jesus is baptized.

John the Baptist

Jesus's cousin, John the Baptist, preached to people who lived in the desert around the River Jordan. He baptized them in the river. Baptism would cleanse them from their sins. One day, Jesus was amongst the crowd who gathered. He approached John to ask him to baptize him. John did not consider himself worthy, but Jesus insisted. As Jesus emerged from the water a voice came from heaven and the Holy Spirit came to him in the form of a dove.

Jesus grew up in a region of Israel called Galilee. Many people of Israel at the time were full of resentment. Although their governors were in favour of Roman rule—they owed their power to them—most people hated the Romans and prayed for God to rid Israel of them.

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