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A map of GabonA map of Gabon Gabon lies across the Equator on the west coast of Central Africa. In the west, a belt of hot, humid rainforest stretches all the way to the Atlantic coast. Lining the shore are mangrove forests, river estuaries and lagoons. Their warm waters are feeding grounds for hippopotamus, crocodiles and manatees. Inland, forested hills and mountains rise in the centre of the country, with savanna plains plains to the east. Gabon has a hot, tropical climate: although it is wet all year round, an especially rainy season falls between September and May.

A map of GabonA map of Gabon
Gabonese women and childrenGabonese women and children


Most Gabonese are Bantu, whose ancestors first arrived in the region 700 years ago. Today the largest groups are the Fang and the Nzebi. Gabon’s different peoples live side-by-side all over the country. Although they speak several different languages, including Fang and Nzebi, most people can also speak some French, the country’s official language. The Gabonese government has used the wealth from oil to build new schools, and Gabonese people have better access to healthcare and education than in neighbouring countries.

Gabon’s beaches are home to the world’s largest population of nesting leatherback sea turtles. During nesting season, hundreds of female sea turtles come ashore overnight, laying their eggs in the warm sand.

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