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Czech Republic

A map of the Czech RepublicA map of the Czech Republic The Czech Republic (or Czechia) came into being in 1993. Before then it formed a union with Slovakia in a country called Czechoslovakia. The western part of the Czech Republic, a high, forested plateau surrounded by ranges of low hills and mountains, is the state of Bohemia. To the east lies a lowland region called Moravia. An arm of the Carpathian mountains forms a natural border with Slovakia. Like other central European countries, the Czech Republic has a continental climate with warm summers and cold, snowy winters.

A map of the Czech RepublicA map of the Czech Republic
Street musicians, PragueStreet musicians, Prague


The Czechs are a West Slavic people whose ancestors came from the Black Sea region in the 6th century. The country also has a Ukrainian and Slovak population, along with a significant Romani minority and immigrants from Vietnam. Peoples from the three historic regions of Moravia, Bohemia and Czech Silesia—which now make up the Czech Republic—each have a separate identity within the Czech nation.

In the Czech Republic tourists can visit a “beer spa”. Instead of hot water or steam, people bathe in heated baths of beer.

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