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Isle of Man

Map of the Isle of ManMap of the Isle of ManThe Isle of Man lies in the Irish Sea between Great Britain and Ireland. Mann, as it is known to the islanders, is just 52 kilometres (33 miles) long and 22 kilometres (13 miles) wide. The island has a temperate climate, strongly influenced by the sea around it, which keeps summers pleasantly warm and winters mild and wet. The uplands in the centre of the island are cut through by the valley of the River Dhoo, which flows into the sea at the capital, Douglas. The Isle of Man is not part of the United Kingdom, but a Crown Dependency like the Channel Islands. It has its own government, called Tynwald. Queen Elizabeth II is its official head of state.

The Calf of Man, seen from CregneashThe Calf of Man, seen from Cregneash

Douglas, Isle of Man's capitalDouglas, Isle of Man's capital

People and economy

People who live in the Isle of Man are known as Manxmen or Manxwomen. They are a Celtic people, sharing ancestors with the Irish, Scottish, Welsh and Cornish. Around half of the island’s inhabitants were born on the island; the rest have come here to work from the UK and Ireland. Most people live in coastal towns such as the capital, Douglas, and the towns of Castletown, Peel and Ramsey. They are British citizens.

To the southwest of the Isle of Man lies an even smaller island, the Calf of Man. It is home to just one person, a warden who looks after the bird sanctuary there.

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