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San Marino

A map of San MarinoA map of San Marino The tiny state of San Marino lies in the Apennine Mountains, surrounded by Italian territory. It was founded by a group of monks in 301 and grew to become a powerful city-state. Today it is the world’s oldest and smallest republic, home to just over 30,000 people. San Marino has a rugged landscape, dominated by the peaks of Mount Titano. Its climate is Mediterranean: summers are warm and sunny, while winters are mild. Outside the capital, San Marino, there are just eight villages. Most of its inhabitants rely on the tourist trade to make a living. Others make ceramics, furniture, fabrics and wine. Nearly all Sammarinese people speak Italian and are Catholic.

Republic of San MarinoRepublic of San Marino

Consultant: Nicholas Harris

Facts about San Marino

  • Population 32,742
  • Area 61 sq km
  • Highest point Monte Titano 755 m (2477 ft)
  • Capital San Marino, population 4500
  • Other major cities Serravalle (pop. 9258)
  • Language Italian
  • Religion Christian (Roman Catholic)
  • Ethnicity Sammarinese, Italian
  • Currency Euro (EUR)
  • Chief exports building stone, lime, wood, chestnuts, wine, baked goods, animal hides, ceramics
Palazzo PublicoPalazzo PublicoFlag of San MarinoFlag of San Marino

San Marino is the only country in the world with more vehicles than people.

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