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Farming land in PennsylvaniaFarming land in Pennsylvania The world relies on farming (also called agriculture) for its food. Farms range in size from large commercial businesses that provide food for sale at home and abroad (cash crops), to small plots that produce only enough food for the farmer's family (subsistence farming). As well as producing food (animals, plants and fungi), farms provide fibres (such as wool and cotton), raw materials (such as timber), biofuel (such as ethanol fuel from sugar cane), medicines, dyes and cut flowers.


Different kinds of farming

Farming types around the worldFarming types around the worldOlive groveOlive groveThere are several different kinds of farming. Arable farming is the cultivation of crops, which include cereals and vegetables, and plants for making industrial products such as oil and cotton cloth. Another type of cultivation is growing trees or vines, such as fruit orchards, vineyards, rubber, coffee or cocoa plantations.

Although one-third of the world’s workforce is employed in farming, farming accounts for just 5% of the gross world product (the value of the goods and services produced by every country).

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