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People at a market in Gambia, AfricaPeople at a market in Gambia, AfricaThe world is home to many different peoples. From the native hunters of the Amazon rainforest to Japanese office workers, people live their lives in a great variety of ways. In Let's explore world geography, we take a tour of the world's continents. We look at the environments—the landscapes and climate—found in each, and how people live there. In this section, we look at a particular aspects of life in our world today: farming, industry, cities and how people are changing the environment.



Rice terraces in MadagascarRice terraces in MadagascarGeography is the study of the lands and people of the Earth. People who study geography are called geographers. The subject is split into two branches: physical geography and human geography. The natural environment is the focus of interest for physical geographers. They study the Earth’s landforms, rivers, glaciers, soil, climate, atmosphere and oceans. They also look at how people change the land through such activities as building cities or clearing forests. You can find out more about physical geography in Let's explore the Earth

Dogon people herding cattle in Mali, AfricaDogon people herding cattle in Mali, Africa

Human geography

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