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What is forestry?

A trailer picks up logs from newly felled trees.A trailer picks up logs from newly felled trees.Wood has many uses in the timber industry as well as for fuel. The world's forests are a vital resource. Logging is the process of cutting down trees and transporting them to a mill for cutting. Forestry is the practice of ensuring that trees are harvested sustainably—in a way that protects the future of forests. When part of a forest is cut down, new seedlings are used to reforest the area.

The importance of forests

Forest in MadagascarForest in MadagascarAs well as being sources of wood, forests slow down soil erosion. This is because the trees' roots hold the soil in place and prevent it being washed or blown away. Forests are home to wildlife. If forests are cut down and not replaced, the animals would lose their homes and die out. Forests also absorb carbon dioxide, one of the greenhouse gases that contribute to global warming.

The world’s total area of forest is decreasing at a rate of 130,000 sq km each year—an area roughly the size of Greece.

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