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A map of GuadeloupeA map of Guadeloupe One of the Leeward Islands in the eastern Caribbean Sea, Guadeloupe is an overseas department of France. Guadeloupe is made up of two main islands, together forming a butterfly shape. Basse-Terre, to the west, and Grande-Terre, to the east, are separated by a narrow channel. Basse-Terre is covered by high, volcanic mountains while Grande-Terre is flatter, with rolling hills, plains and mangrove swamps around its coast. Both islands are covered by tropical forests and scrublands. The climate is hot, breezy and tropical. Between June and October the islands are at risk from hurricanes

Caribbean March FestivalCaribbean March Festival


Guadeloupe’s population is mainly made up of the descendants of Africans brought to work on sugar plantations in the 18th century. They are Roman Catholic; most people speak French along with Creole, a mixture of French and African languages. Nearly everyone in Îles des Saintes is of French descent; very few Africans were brought to these islands because the French settlers there were fishermen, not sugar planters.

As a part of France and the European Union, Guadeloupe uses the Euro as its currency.

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