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A map of HondurasA map of Honduras Honduras's southern regions border the Pacific Ocean, while in the north it borders the Caribbean Sea. Apart from marshy lowlands along the coasts, most of Honduras is made up of rugged mountains. Their lower slopes are covered by tropical rainforest; higher up are cloud forests, where the tall rainforest trees are often shrouded in mist. These forests are home to jaguars, armadillos and tapirs along with thousands of species of bird, snake and insect. Honduras has a hot, humid climate, but temperatures in the mountains are cooler. Its Caribbean coast is occasionally hit by severe hurricanes, which cause floods, damage crops and destroy villages.

A map of HondurasA map of Honduras

A street in GraciasA street in Gracias


Many centuries ago parts of Honduras were home to the great civilization of the Maya. Ruins of Maya cities, such as Copán, survive today. Nearly all Hondurans are mestizo (mixed Spanish and Native American descent). A small number are descended from Africans brought to the Caribbean as slaves in the 1700s. 

For more than a hundred years, in the small Honduran town of Yoro, thousands of fish have fallen on the streets during a yearly storm. Townspeople celebrate the event, known as the Lluvia de Peces (Rain of Fish), with a carnival.

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