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North America

North America

A map of North AmericaA map of North AmericaNorth America includes Canada, the United States of America (USA), Mexico, Central America and the Caribbean islands. Greenland is sometimes considered part of North America. In the sparsely populated north, the Arctic ice gives way to the barren tundra of northern Canada and Alaska. A chain of mountains runs like a backbone all the way down the western side of the continent. In the United States and Mexico it divides into several ranges separated by desert plateaux. The forested Appalachian Mountains dominate the eastern USA. In the fertile lowlands of the Mississippi river basin and the eastern coast, there are vast fields where crops such as maize and wheat grow. Farther south are the hot, dry deserts of southwestern USA and Mexico, then the hot, steamy rainforests of the Caribbean coast.

Prairie Pothole Region, North DakotaPrairie Pothole Region, North Dakota

Chicago, USAChicago, USA


More than 529 million people live in North America, around 8% of the world's population. Across the continent there are areas of farmland, forest, desert and wilderness that are sparsely populated. There are also areas where cities have spread out so extensively, their suburbs have merged together to produce a megalopolis of tens of millions of people. This is the case in parts of northeastern USA and California.

With 17.58 m (57 ft 8 in) of snow, the place with the highest annual snowfall is Mount Rainier, in Washington State, USA.

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