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St Vincent and the Grenadines

A map of St Vincent and the GrenadinesA map of St Vincent and the Grenadines St Vincent and the Grenadines is situated in the southern Windward Islands. It is made up of the main island of St Vincent and a chain of smaller islands to the south called the Grenadines. St Vincent itself is a rugged, forested volcanic island with high mountains in the centre. Its highest peak, La Soufrière, is an active volcano that last violently erupted in 1979. The island's beaches are made of black volcanic sand. The Grenadines are lower-lying, with tropical shrubs and white sandy beaches. The islands have a hot, tropical climate, and like other eastern Caribbean islands, are sometimes struck by hurricanesTourism is a major industry for St Vincent and the Grenadines. Some of the Grenadine islands, such as Mustique, are completely owned by tourism companies and have been turned into resorts.

Union Island beachUnion Island beach

Traditional wooden house, BequiaTraditional wooden house, Bequia


Most Vincentians are descended from Africans brought to work on plantations growing cotton, sugar cane and indigo (a plant used for making dye). Others can trace their ancestry to the Caribs, early inhabitants of the islands.  English is the main language but many Vincentians speak Vincentian Creole, a language made up of English, French, native and African languages. Most people live on the main island of St Vincent; those on the tiny Grenadines make a living from fishing or tourism.

St Vincent’s largest export is inflatable pleasure boats.

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