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A map of ConnecticutA map of ConnecticutConnecticut is located in the northeastern region of the United States. It is one of six states that make up New England. Measuring just 145 kilometres (90 miles) by 90 kilometres (55 miles), Connecticut is divided into the eastern highlands and the western highlands, separated by the Connecticut Valley lowlands, through which the Connecticut River flows. The western highlands, which include the Taconic Mountains and the Litchfield Hills, are the more rugged. A low, rolling coastal plain borders Long Island Sound in the south. Broadleaf forest covers much of the state.

Connecticut RiverConnecticut River


The word "Connecticut" comes from the Native American Algonquian word quonehtacut or quinetucket, meaning “place on the long tidal river". It was first used by early European explorers to name the Connecticut River during the early 1600s. The river was also known as the Great River or the Fresh River at the time.

Connecticut is popularly known as "The Nutmeg State”, although the the connection with nutmeg is uncertain. It may have come from sailors on trade voyages in the 18th–19th centuries bringing back nutmeg, then a very valuable spice.

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