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A map of MaineA map of MaineOne of the six states that make up the region of New England, Maine is located in the northeastern region of the United States. In fact, it is the nation's easternmost state. Maine consists of a coastal plain in the east, with low mountains, belonging to the Appalachian range, rising in the west. Glaciers retreating after the last Ice Age deposited ridges of moraine, damming the river valleys. As a result more than 2200 lakes were formed, with Moosehead Lake the largest. Meanwhile, the Atlantic Ocean flooded the low coastal valleys, creating a jagged, rocky coastline and numerous islands offshore. Over 80% of Maine is forested.

Camden and Penobscot BayCamden and Penobscot Bay
Portland Head lighthousePortland Head lighthouse


The name "Maine" was chosen by Englishman Sir Ferdinando Gorges, who founded the Province of Maine in 1622. Some say it was named after the village where Gorges' ancestors first settled in England: Broadmayne, just southeast of Dorchester. On the other hand, it may have been named in honour of Henrietta Maria, queen of King Charles I, who had lands in the French province of Maine.

Maine is the only state whose name has exactly one syllable.

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