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A map of MarylandA map of MarylandMaryland is located in the eastern United States. The eastern half of the state forms part of the Atlantic coastal plain. Baltimore and the suburbs of Washington, D.C. are located here. Chesapeake Bay, a deep inlet, separates the Delmarva Peninsula to the east from the rest of the state. In western Maryland are the rolling hills of the Piedmont, rising to the Appalachian Mountains. The Fall Line, the boundary between this upland region and the coastal plain, is marked by rapids or waterfalls where the rivers cross from hard rock to soft sedimentary rocks.

Tidal wetlands of Chesapeake BayTidal wetlands of Chesapeake Bay

A view of the Potomac River from Maryland HeightsA view of the Potomac River from Maryland Heights


In 1632, King Charles I of England granted a charter to George Calvert, Lord Baltimore. This gave him authority over the region between Latitude 40°N and the Potomac River (which includes the area of present-day Maryland, but also large parts of what is now Pennsylvania). Calvert named it the Province of Maryland, either in honour of Henrietta Maria, the queen consort of King Charles I, or after Mary, the mother of Jesus. Calvert’s son Cecil proceeded to found the colony as a haven for persecuted Catholics in 1634 (Henrietta Maria was a devout Catholic).

The Chesapeake Bay BridgeThe Chesapeake Bay Bridge

Because of the great variety of topography within its borders, Maryland is nicknamed “America in Miniature”.

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