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New Hampshire

A map of New HampshireA map of New HampshireNew Hampshire, one of the six states of New England, is located in the northeastern region of the United States. Much of the state is forested uplands, with the peaks of the White Mountains spanning its north-central portion. Part of the Appalachian range, the peaks of the White Mountains are separated by passes known locally as “notches”. During the last Ice Age, an ice sheet covered the entire state, gouging out the river valleys and leaving behind numerous lakes after ice melted. South of the White Mountains, the landscape is dotted with isolated peaks known as "monadnocks”. New Hampshire’s western boundary with Vermont is formed by the Connecticut River and its broad valley. In the extreme southeast of New Hampshire there is a small area of flat coastal plain bordering the Atlantic Ocean.

The Congregational Church in ExeterThe Congregational Church in Exeter


New Hampshire takes its name from the county of Hampshire in southern England. The area was named in honour of Captain John Mason, Governor of Portsmouth, Hampshire, England. In 1622 Mason, along with Sir Ferdinand Gorges and others, obtained from the Council of Plymouth a grant of land partly in present-day Maine and partly in present-day New Hampshire. They called it Laconia. In 1629 Mason acquired in his own right a portion of Laconia that lay between the Piscataqua and the Merrimack rivers. He named this land New Hampshire. The settlement of Portsmouth, named after the city of the same name in England, was founded by farmers and fishermen in 1630.

A winter view of an orchard in HollisA winter view of an orchard in Hollis


New Hampshire is known for holding the first primary (an election in which people vote for the candidate they wish to run for the presidency) in the US presidential election.

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