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North Dakota

A map of North DakotaA map of North DakotaNorth Dakota is located in the Upper Midwest region of the United States. In the eastern part of the state lies the Red River Valley, once the bed of an ancient lake, Agassiz, formed by the meltwaters of the ice sheet that covered northern North America during the last Ice Ages. The fertile soils of this flat, treeless land are now intensively cultivated. Central North Dakota is a mixture of rolling hills, scattered lakes and fertile fields. To the west, beyond the Missouri Escarpment, lies the Great Plains, a plateau cut by deep gullies. The climate is drier and the cultivated fields give way to pasture. 

A view of western North DakotaA view of western North Dakota
Grasshopper sculpture on the Enchanted HighwayGrasshopper sculpture on the Enchanted Highway


The Native American peoples who settled in the North Dakota region were the Lakota and Dakota (part of the Sioux group), Blackfoot, Cheyenne, Chippewa and Mandan. The word "Dakota" is a version of a Lakota word meaning "friends". Today’s states of North and South Dakota were once joined together as Dakota Territory. North Dakota and South Dakota were admitted to the union as separate states on 2nd November 1889.

A street in Devils LakeA street in Devils Lake

Tornado in Rolla, North DakotaTornado in Rolla, North Dakota


The state of North Dakota contains the geographical centre of the North American continent. It is located near Rugby, where there is a stone marker.

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