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What caused the American Revolution?

The Battle of TrentonThe Battle of TrentonThe American Revolution took place between 1775 and 1783. After a period of growing unrest, the Thirteen Colonies in North America finally declared their independence (1776) from the British Empire. A war was fought between the rebel colonists and the British. The British army was defeated in 1781. The Treaty of Paris marked the official end of the war in 1783.

The Boston Tea PartyThe Boston Tea Party


The Thirteen Colonies were under British rule, but the colonists had no say in how they were governed. After the French and Indian War (1754–63), the British government imposed taxes on them. Rebellious colonists, known as Patriots, protested that this was “taxation without representation”.

On 16th December 1773, some Patriots boarded ships in the harbour of Boston, Massachusetts, and threw chests of tea into the sea in a protest against tea taxes. This event became known as the "Boston Tea Party".

The British government attempted to stamp out the unrest. They introduced the Intolerable Acts. These were laws that took away many rights of the people of Massachusetts, one of the Thirteen Colonies. The ill-feeling between the British and Patriots turned to violence.

Around 13,000 Native Americans, including the Mohawk, Seneca, Onondaga and Cayuga of the Iroquois League, fought on the British side during the American Revolutionary War. This was because the British had promised to stop the spread of settlement by colonists.

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