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A timeline of the ancient world

Shi Huangdi oversees the building of the Great Wall.Shi Huangdi oversees the building of the Great Wall.Ancient history tells the story of the world between about 10,000 BC, about the time when people first started farming, to about 500 AD. During this time, civilizations flowered in different parts of the world: the Middle East (or Near East), Egypt, China, India and some parts of the Americas. In these regions, farming villages grew to become towns or cities. Kingdoms arose. People started to worship gods, make beautiful objects and, in some cases, invent writing.

When a date has "c." in front of it, for example c.3100 BC, it means the date is approximate. We do not know exactly when the event took place (c. stands for circa, the Latin word for “about”).

BC = Before Christ. It is the same as BCE (Before the Common Era)

AD = Anno Domini, meaning "The Year of Our Lord". It is the same as CE (Common Era)

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