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Why were ancient Egyptian mummies made?

Wrapping the mummy in bandagesWrapping the mummy in bandagesThe Egyptians believed that their pharaoh was a god. He would come to life again after he died (the Afterlife). But this would only happen if the his body had not decayed. Turning the body into a mummy would stop it decaying. So, whenever a pharaoh died, his body was always mummified. Then, after a ceremony, priests carried his coffin to the tomb


Removing the organsRemoving the organs

Making a mummy

Firstly, the team of embalmers removed the brain. Using an iron hook, they pulled it carefully out through the nostrils. Then they made a cut in the side of the body and took out the liver, lungs, stomach and intestines. The organs were put into special jars called canopic jars.

The heart was left inside the body. The Egyptians believed the heart was used for thinking and so would be needed in the afterlife. 

Professional mourners, called kites, followed the coffin during a funeral. They wailed and threw dust in the air as a sign of their grief. They wore dark blue mourning robes, painted their faces white and ringed their eyes with a dark make-up called kohl.

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