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Why did the Titanic sink?

Newsboy Ned Parfitt with news of the disasterNewsboy Ned Parfitt with news of the disasterOn the 10th April 1912, RMS Titanic set sail from Southampton across the Atlantic Ocean. She was bound for New York. Titanic, the largest and most luxurious passenger ship ever built, was making her maiden (first) voyage. She had more than 1300 passengers and 900 crew on board. As a safety measure, Titanic's hull was made up of 16 watertight compartments. Should one of the compartments be damaged and let in water, it could be sealed off from the others. For this reason, the owners declared that their new ship was "practically unsinkable".


A painting of the RMS TitanicA painting of the RMS Titanic

A First Class cabin on board TitanicA First Class cabin on board Titanic

The passengers

On board Titanic were passengers who came from all backgrounds. They included millionaires and movie stars—as well as hundreds of ordinary people, who were all hoping to start a better life in the United States. Wealthy people travelled in the luxurious First Class accommodation. They had spacious cabins, high-class restaurants and a swimming pool. 

Third Class was far less luxurious, but it was still much better than on many other ships at the time. The cabins were comfortable, and passengers had their own dining rooms, a smoking room and a reading and writing room.

An Australian businessman, Clive Palmer, has announced plans to build and launch a copy of Titanic. Her maiden voyage is scheduled for 2022.

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