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Who was Mahatma Gandhi?

Mohandas GandhiMohandas GandhiMohandas Karamchand Gandhi (1869–1948) was a leader of the protest movement against British rule in India. He stood for non-violent protest. Today he is considered the "father" of modern India. As a spiritual leader to Hindus, Gandhi was given the title Mahatma ("Great Soul"). His concern for the poor still carries a strong message for today’s world.

Gandhi, aged 14Gandhi, aged 14

Early life

Gandhi was born on 2nd October 1869 in Porbandar, a coastal town in Gujarat, India. India in those days was ruled by the British government. Gandhi grew up in a household where ahimsa (non-violence to living things), vegetarianism and fasting were all important parts of everyday life. 


The gun carriage that bore Gandhi's body at his funeral in 1948 was used in 1997 for Mother Teresa’s funeral.

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