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King penguin

King penguinKing penguin At 90 centimetres (3 feet) tall, the king penguin is the second largest species of penguin in the world after the emperor penguin. It lives in large colonies, called rookeries, on islands in the Southern Ocean close to Antarctica, such as South Georgia and Crozet Island. It swims in search of fish to eat, usually diving to depths of between 100 and 300 metres (about 300–1000 feet). On land, it walks with a wobbling gait or slides over the ice on its belly, using its feet and flippers to power it forwards.


A king penguin rookeryA king penguin rookeryKing penguins live on islands close to Antarctica. They gather in huge groups called rookeries, containing thousands of penguins. Their numbers help the birds to stay warm and offer some protection from predators. The rookery is also an ideal place for penguins to find a mate. Males give out a special call to try and attract females. They also do a kind of dance, or courtship display.

A king penguin with eggA king penguin with egg


A king penguin's diet is mostly made up of lanternfish, a fish that usually lives at depths of between 300 and 1500 m (1000–5000 ft), but which rises to surface waters at night.

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