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How do beetles live?

Golden ground beetleGolden ground beetleBeetles make up the largest group of insects. There are least 400,000 known kinds. There is a huge variety in colours and shapes. All beetles have wings. When they are not in flight, the wings are folded away under hard wing-cases for protection.

A weevil, a type of beetleA weevil, a type of beetle

Stag beetles fighting using their giant jawsStag beetles fighting using their giant jaws


The beetles' mouthparts include large mandibles: these are jaws that move from side to side to grasp their prey or cut up their food. When stag beetles fight one another, they use their giant jaws to lift their opponent into the air.

Life cycle of the field tiger beetleLife cycle of the field tiger beetle

Life cycle

About one in four of all animal species is a kind of beetle.

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