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How do scorpions live?

Scorpion in the southwestern US desertScorpion in the southwestern US desertScorpions are types of arachnid. They have two sharp, grasping pincers and a venomous sting at the end of their tail. They use their sting both to paralyse (or kill) their prey and for self-defence. Scorpions are solitary, night-time hunters. Most prey on insects or spiders. Larger kinds also feed on lizards, snakes and small mammals. In the desert, scorpions spend most of the day under rocks avoiding the heat. 


Giant hairy desert scorpionGiant hairy desert scorpion

Close-up view of a scorpion's stingerClose-up view of a scorpion's stinger

Scorpions have poor eyesight. They rely instead on hairs on their pincers. These sense vibrations and tell them when prey is close by. Scorpions also have sense organs along their tails. These can detect ultraviolet light and help the scorpions "see" where they are going.

Scorpions use their saliva to turn their prey's body tissues into liquid, which they then suck up.

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