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How do elephants live?

Asian elephantAsian elephantElephants are the largest land animals. They have large ears and long, bendy trunks and two, long curved tusks. They are intelligent animals and may live for more than 60 years. Females stay in family groups led by the oldest female, while males travel alone or in small bands. After resting in the midday heat, elephants roam in search of grass, leaves, roots, shoots and fruits to eat. They also eat twigs and bark.

African or Asian?

African elephantAfrican elephantAsian elephant giving ridesAsian elephant giving ridesElephants are found in both Africa and Asia. The African elephant has larger ears and longer tusks than its smaller relative, the Asian elephant. The Asian’s back has a more humped shape than the African. Its trunk has only one lip, while the African has two. Many Asian elephants have been tamed and used for carrying heavy loads.

Using its trunk

Elephants are able to cry and laugh.

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