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What do sharks feed on?

The head of a sand tiger sharkThe head of a sand tiger sharkThere are more than 350 different kinds of shark. Some, such as the great white, are fierce predators. They hunt turtles and seals as well as other fish and squid. Whale sharks and basking sharks are gentle giants that feed only on plankton. A shark’s skin is covered by tiny, teeth-like scales. Sharks do not have bones in their bodies. Instead, their skeletons are made of tough, bendy gristle or cartilage.

Great white sharks

Great white sharkGreat white sharkGreat white sharks, fierce predators, may grow up to 6 metres (20 feet) long. They use their amazing sense of smell to find prey. They can detect a single drop of blood in a vast amount of water. Great whites have up to 3000 razor-sharp teeth, arranged in several rows. These are perfect for biting off chunks of flesh.

The Greenland shark is the world's longest-living vertebrate animal. One living individual is thought to be 392 years old.

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