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LET'S EXPLORE The living world

Let's explore the living world

Fish and plants in a streamFish and plants in a streamHow do we know what is living, such as a flower or a worm, and what is not, such as a stone? Living things grow by making or taking in food of some kind. This process uses energy. Living things also need fuel. For most living things, this fuel is oxygen. Living things can also make more of their own kind, which live on after their parents have died. This is called reproduction.

Plants and animals 

Plants and animals in the soilPlants and animals in the soil

The two biggest groups of living things are plants and animals. Plants get the energy they need to live and grow from the sun’s light. They make their own food using this energy. Animals get their energy from the food they eat, which may include plants or other animals. Most animals can move about. Most plants stay in the same place. Parts of them do move, but usually too slowly for us to see.

The oldest living animal is a marine bivalve, the ocean quahog. These animals are reported to be more than 500 years old.

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