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What lives in a tropical rainforest?

Animals of the Amazon rainforest floorAnimals of the Amazon rainforest floorHot and wet all year, steamy rainforests have more wildlife than any other of the Earth's biomes. Most of the animals, including insects, birds and some mammals and reptiles, live in the sunlit canopy of the treetops. On the rainforest floor, much less light gets through the dense branches of the trees. Here you might find big cats or snakes preying on rodents, lizards and other ground-dwelling animals.

Rainforests of the world

An aerial view of the Amazon rainforestAn aerial view of the Amazon rainforest

 A map of world rainforests A map of world rainforests

Areas of tropical rainforest are found near the Equator in regions that have a hot climate and high level of rainfall all year round. The largest rainforests are found in South America, Central Africa and Southeast Asia. There are also small areas of rainforest in northern Australia, Madagascar and Central America.

Howler monkeys of the Amazon rainforest are probably the noisiest land animals in the world. Their deafening roars can be heard up to 8 km (5 miles) away.

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