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What lives on the savanna?

Savanna landscape, East AfricaSavanna landscape, East AfricaSavanna grasslands, a mix of grasses and trees, are found in tropical lands. The largest and best-known savannas are in East Africa, although there are also large areas in South America, India and northern Australia. There are just two seasons: a dry and rainy season. At the onset of the dry season, some animals migrate to wetter areas.

Savanna animals

Animals of the East African savannaAnimals of the East African savannaMale impalas locking hornsMale impalas locking hornsThe African savanna is rich with wildlife. Giraffes and elephants reach up to leaves in the trees. Zebras eat tall, coarse grass, leaving shorter grass for wildebeest, antelopes and warthogs. During the wet season, the savanna grasslands are green with fresh new plants.

Gazelles, zebras and other herbivores gather in large herds to graze the grassy plains. These animals are themselves prey for meat-eaters such as lions, cheetahs or hyenas. In such an open landscape, there is nowhere to hide from predators. The only way to escape is to run.

In Africa, the savanna is being taken over by the Sahara Desert at a rate of 50 km (30 miles) per year.

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