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Raccoon dogsRaccoon dogs Dogs are carnivores (flesh-eaters) with powerful jaws. Their strong legs carry them great distances when hunting. They grab small prey in their jaws or pounce on them with their front feet. Larger prey is pulled to the ground. A bite to the throat will cause the victim to die from suffocation. Dogs feed on almost anything they can find, including fish, fruit and even insects, as well as their main food, meat. The dog family includes wolves, foxes, coyotes, jackals, African wild dogs, dingos and raccoon dogs. Domestic dogs are descended from wolves.

A pack of wild dogsA pack of wild dogsClick to play video


Most kinds of dogs live together in family groups. A pair of wolves will form a breeding partnership that can last for life. Their young leave to make their own family groups when they become adults. African wild dogs form large packs where young males are allowed to stay with the pack while their sisters must leave to find a new one. Pack hunters work together to hunt down large prey, and also help to feed and look after the young.



The African wild dog has the strongest bite of any carnivorous mammal.

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