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BabirusaBabirusa Pigs have short legs, large heads and stocky bodies covered with bristly hair. They belong to the ungulate group of hoofed animals. Pigs have four toes on each foot, although they walk on only the middle two. They have large canine teeth, which curve upwards to form tusks. These are used for rooting around in the mud for food and for fighting other males in rivalry contests. Pigs use their snouts to sniff out plants, fungi and small animals to eat. Besides domestic pigs and their wild boar ancestors, there are a number of wild relatives, including the warthog and babirusa. The peccary is more distantly related.

Wild boar

Wild boarWild boarThe ancestors of domestic pigs, wild boars roam through woodlands in many countries of mainland Europe. They are most active at nightfall, when they forage for food. Wild boars use their large, bendy snouts to sniff out and unearth plants, fruits, worms, roots and even small animals such as frogs and rodents. They usually live in small groups of males or females and their young, although larger groups may come together to feed.

Wild boars are the only hoofed animals known to dig burrows.

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