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Bengal tigerBengal tiger The tiger is the world’s largest cat. It has a huge, muscular body and powerful jaws with long, sharp teeth. The dark stripes on its coat help it to blend into its surroundings. Hidden in tall grass, the tiger can get close to its prey and catch it by surprise. Tigers are solitary animals. Each has its own territory, marked out with urine, averaging about 100 square kilometres of land (40 square miles). Other tigers seldom dare to move on to another tiger’s territory.

Bengal tigerBengal tiger
A tiger patrols its territoryA tiger patrols its territoryClick to play video


Tigers live in a wide range of habitats across Eastern Asia, providing there is dense vegetation cover and water nearby. Bengal tigers live in forests, swamps and mangrove. Others roam across grasslands and savanna, while the Siberian tiger lives in taiga forests. Tigers are very territorial. To identify his territory, a male sprays urine on trees and leaves dung on trails. They do not tolerate other males invading their territory, but disputes rarely become violent.

Fierce hunter

The tiger is the third largest land carnivore after the polar bear and brown bear.

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