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A 14-year-old girl who died of cancer has been cryopreserved

A cryonic storage unitA cryonic storage unitA 14-year-old girl, who asked before she died of cancer to have a chance of living longer, has been allowed by the British high court to have her body frozen. The hope is that, one day, she can be brought back to life and her disease cured. The process is called cryopreservation (from Greek word "kryos" meaning “cold”). The girl, who is known as JS, wrote to the court saying: “I think being cryopreserved gives me a chance to be cured and woken up, even in hundreds of years’ time.” Her body has now been preserved and transported to the US, where it has been frozen “in perpetuity” by a commercial company.

Cryopreservation of animal genetic resources (USDA)Cryopreservation of animal genetic resources (USDA)


Cryopreservation is a process where cells and tissues are preserved by cooling to very low temperatures, typically -196°C using liquid nitrogen. The process is used to preserve sperm and embryos as part of fertility treatment, and to store animal genetic material in order to conserve certain endangered species.


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