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Deep crack in the ice forces Antarctic research station to relocate

Halley VI Research Station (NASA)Halley VI Research Station (NASA)A research station on the Brunt Ice Shelf in Antarctica run by the British Antarctic Survey is to be relocated. A deep crack has opened up in the ice nearby, and the station risks being cut off from the rest of the ice shelf. The station’s eight modules will be towed 23 kilometres (14 miles) further inland using large tractors. The move will be carried out in stages, with completion scheduled for April 2018. This will allow scientific research to continue undisturbed in temporary accommodation at the existing site.

Halley VI Research Station (NASA)Halley VI Research Station (NASA)
An Antarctic ice shelf (NASA)An Antarctic ice shelf (NASA)The station was specially designed to be mobile, taking into account that movement in the ice is always likely. Parts of the ice shelf, a great tongue of ice jutting out from Antarctica into the Southern Ocean, break off from the main ice sheet covering the continent from time to time, creating icebergs.

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