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Dippy the Diplodocus is being prepared for his tour of the UK

Dippy, Natural History Museum, London (Drow male)Dippy, Natural History Museum, London (Drow male)Dippy the Diplodocus, a plaster-cast replica of a dinosaur skeleton, is leaving London’s Natural History Museum to go on a two-year tour of the UK. Made up of 292 bones, Dippy measures 21.3 metres (70 feet) long and 4.25 metres (14 feet) high. The skeleton is being carefully dismantled and packed away into 12 crates. Using a numbering system and map, Dippy can be put back together again in a few days—like a giant flat-pack kit. Dippy's spot in the entrance hall of the museum, Hintze Hall, is being taken by the real skeleton of a 25-metre (83-foot) blue whale, weighing 4.5 tonnes.

Dippy is put on display in 1905Dippy is put on display in 1905The tour will start in early 2018, with Dorset County Museum the first stop. Dippy will also be exhibited at Birmingham Museum, Ulster Museum in Belfast, Kelvingrove Art Gallery and Museum in Glasgow, Great North Museum in Newcastle, the National Assembly of Wales in Cardiff, Number One Riverside in Rochdale and Norwich Cathedral. When Dippy returns to London, he will be re-cast in bronze and be displayed outside the Natural History Museum on the approach from South Kensington tube station.

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