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Missing link between Stegosaurus and T. rex may have been discovered

Chilesaurus (Arcovenator)Chilesaurus (Arcovenator)Discovered in 2004 by Diego Suarez, a seven-year-old boy from Chile, and named by a team of Argentinian and Chilean palaeontologists in 2015, Chilesaurus is proving to be one of the most exciting dinosaur finds in recent years. Scientists have described it as a "Frankenstein dinosaur", because it seems to be made up of body parts from unrelated species. Chilesaurus may turn out to be the “missing link” in the dinosaur family tree—and change our view of how dinosaurs evolved.

Dinosaurs are traditionally divided into two distinct groups: saurischians, the first group, are made up of the meat-eating theropods (Tyrannosaurus rex and Velociraptor, for example) and the long-necked giants sauropodomorphs (such as Brachiosaurus or Diplodocus); ornithischians, the second group, includes the armoured dinosaurs (such as Ankylosaurus), horned dinosaurs (for example, Triceratops), plated dinosaurs (such as Stegosaurus) and the duckbilled dinosaurs

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