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Northern white rhinoceros dies, leaving only two left

 Actress Nagris Fakhri with Sudan (Photo: Make it... Actress Nagris Fakhri with Sudan (Photo: Make it... One of the world's last three remaining northern white rhinos has died. Sudan, the “gentle giant” who lived in the Ol Pejeta conservancy in Kenya, was put down on Monday after the pain from an illness became too great. He was 45 years old. Only two females, Sudan's daughter Najin and granddaughter Fatu, remain—Sudan was the last living male northern white rhino. The northern white is one of the two subspecies of the white rhinoceros (the other is the southern). It once grazed the savannah grasslands of East and Central Africa before going extinct in the wild. Conservationists hope they might save the subspecies from dying out altogether using IVF.

Stop rhino poaching sandcastle (flowcomm)Stop rhino poaching sandcastle (flowcomm)

Northern white rhino at Ol Pejeta (Lengai101)Northern white rhino at Ol Pejeta (Lengai101)The northern white rhino population has been devastated by poachers killing them and stealing their horns, which they can sell for high prices—especially in East Asia. Poachers reduced the northern white rhino population to only 15 animals by the 1980s. The population recovered to more than 30, but poaching increased in the 2000s, killing off the wild population entirely by 2008. There are still about 20,000 southern white rhinos in the wild.

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