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Scientists reveal there are likely to be 36 alien civilizations in the Galaxy

Radio telescopes used to search for intelligent aliensRadio telescopes used to search for intelligent aliensAccording to new calculations, there could be 36 intelligent civilizations in the Milky Way Galaxy today that are capable of communicating with others. Christopher Conselice, professor of astrophysics at the University of Nottingham and a co-author of the research, said: “For the first time we really have an estimate for this number of active intelligent, communicating civilizations that we potentially could contact and find out there is other life in the universe—something that has been a question for thousands of years and is still not answered.” Conselice goes so far to say that aliens capable of building intelligent civilizations might even have similarities in appearance to life-forms on Earth.

How a city in an alien civilization might look?How a city in an alien civilization might look?
Alien civilization structure and aircraftAlien civilization structure and aircraft

Drake equation

In 1961 the astronomer Frank Drake proposed what became known as the Drake equation. This listed seven factors that would need to be calculated in order to estimate the number of intelligent civilizations that existed in the Milky Way Galaxy. These are: the average number of stars that form each year, the fraction of those stars that have planets in orbit around them, the fraction of those planets that form an ecosystem, the fraction that develop life, the fraction that give rise to intelligent life and the fraction that develops communication detectable from space. The final factor is the average length of time that communicating alien civilizations last. If they last, say, a few hundred years at most, the chances of our overlapping with them in time are minuscule.

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