Will Mount Agung, an active volcano on Bali, erupt?

Mount Agung (Photo: Everyone Sinks Starco)Mount Agung (Photo: Everyone Sinks Starco)Mount Agung on the Indonesian island of Bali is experiencing high seismic activity. Scientists say the volcano could erupt in a “matter of hours” if the tremors continue. Hundreds of internal volcanic earthquakes have been recorded. These kinds of earthquakes are caused by the movement of magma (molten rock) inside the volcanic cone. Scientists say that the increase in their force and intensity—and the fact that they are occurring nearer and nearer the surface—indicates that an eruption will probably take place soon. Many thousands of people have been evacuated from the danger area since the late September. They can do nothing but wait to see whether the volcano will erupt.

Diagram of inside of a volcano Diagram of inside of a volcano The area experienced 844 volcanic earthquakes on 25th September and up to 400 more by noon the following day. Scientists raised the alarm since it has taken much less for similar volcanoes to erupt in the past. Emissions of gas from the deep crater at Agung's summit and bulging on the volcano’s sides are both further signs that an eruption is about to happen. Pressure under the ground has forced the magma up towards the top of the volcano, releasing gas and steam as it does so.

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