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Two scientists examine a sample in a test tubeTwo scientists examine a sample in a test tubeScience is the study of the natural world. Scientists are men and women who investigate matter, energy, forces, air, water, Earth, space, and living things. They make careful observations or measurements, and carry out experiments or calculations. From their studies, scientists devise laws and theories, and so add to our knowledge as to how nature works.


Charles Darwin studies marine iguanasCharles Darwin studies marine iguanas

Scientific discoveries

Science also means the great store of knowledge that has been built up over many centuries. Discoveries have been made since ancient times, many by brilliant people who had ideas and wanted to try them out, or who noticed things and wanted to find out why they occurred. Such ideas are often inspired by earlier knowledge. Maybe what you read in this section will one day inspire you to make discoveries of your own. As any scientist will tell you, there is always something new to discover.

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