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What are different kinds of materials used for?

A wide variety of materials are used to make a car.A wide variety of materials are used to make a car.A material is anything made of matter. This includes everything we can see, from the air to our own skin. But often when we use the word “materials” we mean materials that are used to make into useful things, such as crockery, a toy or a spacecraft. Natural materials are those that come from animals, plants or from substances found in the Earth. Manmade materials, such as plastics, are produced from natural materials by mixing, heating or other processes.

Fixing a plastic car bumperFixing a plastic car bumper


Plastic is a manmade material that has many uses. It is long-lasting and easy to make into different shapes. When heated, it melts into a thick liquid. This can be poured into moulds to form whatever shape is needed, then allowed to harden. The most commonly used plastic is called polyethylene. It is found in bags, containers and bottles. It is made from the natural gas ethylene, which is produced from oil.



About 13 billion plastic bags are produced every year.

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