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A nurse caring for a sick child in hospitalA nurse caring for a sick child in hospitalNurses work with doctors, therapists and other members of the nursing team both to treat illnesses, conditions, injuries and disabilities and provide suitable care for their patients. Nurses' traditional role is as care providers, but many nurses practise independently in a wide variety of ways. Some senior nurses are, in some cases, authorised to diagnose health problems and prescribe medications and other therapies. Education, research and helping to shape health policy are also key nursing roles. Nurses practise in hospitals, clinics, doctor's surgeries, homes, schools and pharmaceutical companies. Some work on cruise ships, in military service and in prisons.

A Nigerian nurse attends a patient.A Nigerian nurse attends a patient.

A nurse anaesthetistA nurse anaesthetist

Typical duties

Daily duties for many nurses involve the following tasks: administering medications; managing intravenous (IV) therapy, including injections and infusions (usually called drips); caring for patients; observing and recording patients' conditions; communicating with doctors; providing emotional support to patients and their families; advising patients on how to take their medications or carry out physical therapy; educating patients—and the general public—on medical conditions and how to live and eat healthily.

Community nurses in VietnamCommunity nurses in Vietnam

A varied profession


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